Watch David Bowie get down on Soul Train (1975)

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RIGHTEOUS! My main man.


He does look good, and seems to be having even more fun on ‘Fame’ later in the same show. I know that Bowie’s flirting with funk and soul was perhaps more stylistic pose than deep passion, but those are still good pop songs if not funk classics. And he seems to have picked great collaborators, and respected them. I’ve just found his 1976 quote that Young Americans was “the definitive plastic soul record. It’s the squashed remains of ethnic music as it survives in the age of Muzak, written and sung by a white limey”. Of course ‘ethnic music’ hadn’t been squashed, but I get what he means. I doubt that they invited him back on Soul Train after the his trip to Victoria Station though.

“This video contains content that has been blocked in your country on copyright grounds”.
I am in Cambodia FFS.


I get the same in the country of his birth. I just Youtubed the clip.


So that’s where Spike Spiegel got his suit.

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i love old bowie. he is always so stylin’.

i was thinking about how had that recent success showing old Bob Ross painting show episodes, and it occurred to me that maybe they should do old Soul Trail episodes. i’d watch marathons of those in a heartbeat.


It’s weird how on the Golden Years site they call Don Cornelius “Anchor” on the interview transcript. I watched that show every Saturday morning and danced along, and thought about going down there to try to get in, but knew there was no chance they’d let a white boy in. Probably would have gotten a beatdown for my trouble.

What i love about geo-blocking is that it protects us all. Everyone wins.

Non-geo blocked link:

He name is Bowie, not Boo-ee.

We’ve got this, but nobody has the clip of the Romantics singing Talking In Your Sleep on Soul Train? That has to be out there somewhere. You’ve never seen Don Cornelius so incredulous about a musical guest on that show…


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