Bowie's intense performance of "Fame" on the Cher Show 1975

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I clearly recall getting down to that song at the age of 12 during my 1st middle school dance wearing the black platform shoes I was so proud of. Damn, I miss him.



David still manages to rise about the cheese

Did someone make a British cheese joke that David took exception to?

And I do like this arrangement, with the slightly sparser backing track, even if the BPM seems a bit lower than the original. May have to go play with this one in Audacity.

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love that set and the analog video effects, too.

here’s the Feelies doing Fame in the Jonathan Demme film Something Wild

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Don’t forget this:

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What a voice.


Go check out him and Laurie Anderson doing O Superman. Laurie makes it sound easy, while David has to stretch a bit. The video that I’ve seen could be better but the sound is great.


I guess that’s an alternate take of the rhythm section? Has that ever been released, it has a lot more ‘bite’ than the original. Interesting that they used it for this appearance.

And think about who had to (or got to) design the stage for this performance. How much does it cost to set up lights all over like that? Cher had a decent budget to work with in those days.


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