Watch David Bowie and Marianne Faithful (dressed as a nun) perform "I Got You Babe" in 1973


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I’m almost positive no drugs were involved in this master piece of choral excellence.


I submitted this months ago and it got rejected! Brilliant stuff. This should be a PSA against cocaine.


The wheels of bb grind slowly. They are square and on a hypocycloid track.


I was a huge fan of Marianne Faithful back in the day, but watching this video all I can think of is Madeline Kahn singing “I’m Tired”.


I was a little shocked/not shocked at how shot Marianne Faithful’s voice was. Had to go listen to “As Tears Go By” to confirm how much it was affected by all the substances she was abusing in the intervening 9 years or so.


The thigh shot while adjusting her habit in the beginning made me keep watching. Oh, and David, too.


Whereas I’m always shocked when I hear her younger self, having become a fan with her Broken English album.


Tonight on Surreal Karaoke


drag either


a flatmate used work next door to mick jagger way back but we never saw them


That’s not how I’ve ever imagined Azrael; but, henceforth, the Angel of Death shall be dressed in red vinyl trousers, thigh boots and a feathery basque.


I remember staying up to see this when it aired.

/my lawn, you get off it, yes?


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