Bauhaus video for "Ziggy Stardust" (1982)


I’m surprised it’s a crisp cover of the original, without 4AD style gothic ambiance. It’s such a perfect diamond of a song, and a great performance of it…

I saw this tour Philly a few months and it was awesome!!! Peter sounds as good as ever!

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Yeah, I saw Peter tour in Melbourne in January. Finished off the show with Ziggy. Amazing.

I’ve now seen both him and Bowie play it live, so I don’t have anything left on the bucket list.

It’s been said that this was a response to criticism that they were nothing but a Bowie cover band. I’d bet only fairly hardcore fans of Bowie or Bauhaus could tell the difference.

I’ll see you there tonight!

Saw him in Austin a couple of months ago. Great show and we were lucky enough to have a V.I.P. option. Got to sit with him and chat for a few minutes at a post-show meet and greet. All I had to say to him was “Marlene Dietrich” and he immediately, patiently explained the meaning of the song (“Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem”, my fav of his solo work) to me with a little gleam in his eye. Great night. Oh, and I got my hand-painted (by me in '86) “Mask” jacket autographed by him. Cool closure on an authentic and personal item from the original days.

Saw the show in London - sold out and packed. Great show, just a shame that people don’t turn out in such numbers for his solo work, which is also very good, just not the same as Bauhaus.
We also got a sneak peak of his new album which is being produced by Youth - it sounded promising.

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