Bowie and Jagger's Dancing in the Street without the music




David Bowie entrance cracks me up.


Related: Bowie and Mercury without music.


All kinds of hilarious that.

Alt suggestion for post title: ‘Ageless White Duke and Leathery Exhibitionist Pensioner have dance-off’.


That was filmed just across the Glass Bridge from my flat. (I lived on the Isle of Dogs, unfortunately long before it was hip.) I remember those klieg lights shining for hours. Couldn’t hear the music then, either. I watched it on TV during Live Aid like everyone else.


It becomes an interlude in a Hal Hartley film…


I had no idea these types of tapes even existed. They completely change my appreciation for the music. [Link is to music-less Beatles; thank god no copyright claim has been registered.]


This is the happiest thing I’ve watched today ---- thanks!


This is really good works


tapes ??? I think you mean cylinders.


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