Hear the unreleased demo of David Bowie's "Let's Dance"


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David Bowie had to audition? Was somebody afraid he’s stopped geniusing or something? Because he never stopped geniusing.


“Video unavailable.” :frowning:


This video is not available.


I swear YouTube has a BoingBoingBot ™ that simply looks at BoingBoing 24/7 and kills off any video posted immediately, just because eff you thats why.


You’d better trademark that right away, because you know damn well YouTube will if they read your comment.


I’m glad I got to see David Bowie on the Serious Moonlight tour in 1983.


Boy. That is skeletal, but it does have the elements of the arrangement and a couple of important hooks / riffs.

I think what some are missing here is this isn’t the demo of Bowie shopping his song around. This is the rough work up with Nile Rogers, saying “here’s where we can go with this.”


I love it.


SRV sure filled out that sound


Weirdly it works in Australia.


still waiting also on the tin machine


I have confirmed this by using a VPN.


Yes, but is he a stable genius? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


I find this kind of fascinating. It’s a great song on a great album, but it also shows how much of the greatness comes in the production.


Dude, he’s dead. Humans don’t get any more stable than that.


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