Nile Rodgers shares unreleased, bare bones demo of Bowie's 'Let's Dance'


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Nile Rogers is a super cool dude. Also he looks fantastic for his age.


The world misses you.



Seems like new Bowie stuff is being released every week now :wink:


Thanks for that! What a great way to start the morning.


Video is gone.

Anyway, Let’s Dance wasn’t exactly Bowie’s best period.

And anyway, what does that even mean: “put on your red shoes and dance the blues”?
I get the red shoes (my shoes are red, so: done) but who dances the blues?


Ha! I came to say the same. I shared it from BB the last time it was posted! :wink:


Video works fine for me.


And like last time, the video was gone before I could get to it :frowning:


have you never danced to blues music? like that.


Plays fine for me, just like last time!


Hmm, it’s usually because it’s geographically blocked but it’s not saying ‘This video is not available in your country’, just ‘This video is not available’

And I can’t play anything else from that uploader either - same message


don’t panic - listen to 30 seconds of it, you’ll get the gist


That really is a thing:


It’s me. I was the second guitarist. *Does some sick air guitar licks* See?

Now who can I contact for my residuals check?

Edit: Actually I had planned to ask how the hell could he forget that Stevie Ray Vaughan was the guitarist but then I remembered he played on Little China Girl, not Let’s Dance.


Okay :slight_smile:
In my memory, what I can associate with ‘Blues Dance’ is much like headbanging in half-tempo.


Blues dancing:


It’s like people never heard of the Blues queens or city blues… as if the blues pretty much begin and end with Robert Johnson somehow…

It was party music!


Ah, so you’re a blue suede shoes kind of guy?


Yeah, well you better not step on them