Shut in sounds: Bowie's "Let's Dance" turns 37 today

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Can’t wait for Boing Boing’s next post celebrating the work of Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Roman Polanksi, or Woody Allen!

Oh, wait. Yes I can. Just like I can forget this hebephilic child-rapist.

The official video was directed by David Mallet, who has quite a remarkable number of great videos in his portfolio. Also a couple of films that people who comment on BB don’t seem to like, judging from the reaction on another thread recently.

You what, now?


I think that was the last song by him that I really enjoyed. Hunky Dory will always remain the best to me.

Well, I never knew it was SRV with the guitar pieces at the end. Thanks.

That Nile Rodgers video is great, but when the revolution comes, right after we kill landlords I’m going for people who clap on the downbeat.

edit: I can’t stand Harry Connick Jr’s music, but he is a Real Live Excellent Musician. Here, the audience is cocking it all up clapping on the downbeat and he drops a quick 5/4 measure in to get them on the upbeat.

It’s back up on YouTube! For now…

Well worth a look.

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