David Bowie exhibition comes to America


Oh come on, Bowie has been an exhibitionist in America lots of times.


Going to that exhibition while it was still in Berlin was one of the final steps in turning David Bowie into my (OK, one of my) all-time favorite musicians. There’s so much to discover and enjoy in his music and performance, it’s unbelievable. I listen to about 2 Bowie albums per day on average since I went to that exhibition in May!

I’ve written about it before and I’ll copy my old post here again:

Time to put on Diamond Dogs again…

Like many art installations, the space has a profound effect on the quality of the show. I saw it at the V&A where it premiered, and it was fantastic. When I opened in Toronto, I saw it at the AGO, and it fell flat. Not because of the exhibit, but because it was broken into too many spaces, with too much walking between them. These transitions sucked the life from the immersive experience. I hope it’s mounted well in Chicago…

Saw this in Toronto - it was amazing (worth buying the T-shirt, lol), but it felt cramped and/or in need of an edit. So yeah… hopefully the space in Chicago is more accomodating.

I bought two posters… but yeah, Berlin was cramped as hell, although there was a fresh breeze in the room where they showed clips from the movies he’s been in. Hardly anybody sat there, so it was a nice place to take a small break and catch some relatively fresh air!

Can’t wait to go!
Side note: In honor of the opening, our illustrious mayor has declared Sept 23rd “David Bowie Day”.

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