Bowie's "Heroes": outtake cover photos


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A few look like he could be in One Direction… :wink:

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Cracking pictures

That exhibition is the best I’ve ever seen, no exaggeration. If you have a passing interest in Bowie and the chance to go there then do so, by all means!

I went there on my birthday (in Berlin) and was blown away, as were my friends. It has practically every costume he’s worn on display, a lot of hand-written song manuscripts, instruments he’s played… But what’s really amazing is the audio-visual presentation. Every visitor is handed out an audio guide which activates the appropriate and synchronized audio track as you approach exhibits. That way you can have 5+ concurrent video projections of concerts in one room and hear only the one you’re currently watching! Sound quality was acceptable and the positioning worked most of the time.

I’m absolutely going to the exhibition again before it moves out of Berlin on August 24th and will really take my time to enjoy every single part of it.

Can’t recommend it highly enough!


Why must you mess with my childhood? Heroes could not have had those other photos. They do not exist!

I would have gone with See No Evil. Cuz John Brennan has taught me that’s what heroes do.

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So envious.

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