Did Kurt Cobain fake his death and re-invent himself as Rivers Cuomo? Producer Rick Rubin asks Rivers Cuomo

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This is the kind of conspiracy that unravels like a sweater!
Hold this thread as I walk away.

Elsewhere in reality:

Give an inch, take a smile,
Fashion shits, fashion style.


Yikes. Seems like an embarrassing use of time for both Cuomo and Rubin.


I can assure you that this is true of probably 95% of all podcast hosts and guests.




Paul is dead.

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learned about this theory

a conspiracy theory is a theory but it is not a conspiracy

a conspiracy is something else


I’d think Dave Grohl’s reaction would be, “Glad you’re not dead, Kurt. But I’m doing great without you. Some of us like fame and fortune”.

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But mostly pots of coffee.

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That’s kind of a shitty take, dude. Cobain was struggling with serious mental health problems and drug addiction. The fame, and having to deal with shit like the same people who used to beat you up in high school singing your songs about sexual abuse as a fucking rape anthem can’t have helped in that regard. If you ever get a chance to watch the uncut version of unplugged, you can hear assholes in the audience yelling “rape me” at him, and he gets more and more agitated as the night goes on. It’s heartbreaking knowing what happened not long after that.

How about not making light of it? I doubt Grohl does.

Plus, is Rivers Cuomo not also relatively famous? :woman_shrugging:


I feel like theory is the wrong word to use about this phenomenon, because they’re really conspiracy fantasies.

A theory is should be testable, falsifiable; conspiracy fantasies never are. Is Bill Gates putting mind-control microchips into COVID vaccines? Are baby-eating Democrats performing unholy Satanic rites in deserted pizza shop basements? These (and more!) are more like the kind of delusions you’d expect from a bad reaction to psychoactive drugs, or paranoid schizophrenia.

Can we make “conspiracy fantasy” or “conspiracy delusion” the accepted term?


I think Richey Edwards is a good example of the reality of losing a band member. He disappeared on 1st February 1995 and after a few weeks of reports of him being seen in SE England and S Wales he completely disappeared a couple of weeks later. He was eventually declared dead in 2008.

The other Manic Street Preachers band members didn’t give up hope that he would turn up alive.

There are conspiracy theories about Richey being alive in Asia or somewhere remote. A few years ago I saw the last interview he gave, a few days before he disappeared, and it set off alarms from my own experience of depression and attempted suicide. I do not believe that he is alive.

Like always when we talk about this…


Yes he was struggling with serious mental health problems and drug addictions. Which made him pretty toxic to his bandmates and the band’s career as they became more successful. As it does in any band who has members with such issues (See Jim Morrison, Ozzy Ozbourne, Axl Rose)

I’m not making light of it, but unfortunately Cobain falls into a very familiar pattern that generally didn’t end well without some major intervention/professional help.

With all due respect, his life is far more important that success in the music industry - and they were at the time one of the biggest bands in the world. And I highly doubt that Grohl and Noveselic would have preferred him dead rather than getting help for his problems. Of all people, Grohl sure as hell doesn’t put money and fame before human life.

I’m sure that’s not your intent, but it comes off as very much making light of his death.


That’s what they want you to think.


Which is why I said “glad you’re not dead” as the first line.

I am sure they would have loved for him to get help for his problems and be alive. Some bands have actually staged interventions for troubled members. Usually that entails surviving ones personal nadir. A lot of Cobain’s contemporaries didn’t.

Cranberry sauce.*
*Edited to add the crazy premise of the McCartney death myth from Wikipedia because I never looked into what they believed, I only knew the true explanation. It’s entertainingly bonkers:
Proponents of the theory maintained that, on 9 November 1966, McCartney had an argument with his bandmates during a Beatles recording session and drove off angrily in his car, crashed, and was decapitated.[23][38] To spare the public from grief, or simply as a joke, the surviving Beatles replaced him with the winner of a McCartney look-alike contest.[23].


It’s a beautiful thing when you see someone stick to their bit. Not always fond of Cuomo’s ‘robot-like’ approach (wonderfully phrased, btw), but have to acknowledge when he’s onto something.

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I’ve never heard someone consistently mispronounce the name “CO-bain” instead of “co-BAIN” as does the gentleman in the linked video. I guess he really is gone.