New film about Kurt Cobain death conspiracy


When I saw the documentary a few years ago… I admit it was a bit eerie.

Why not investigate all the way?

Many questions about this by some legit players… Former Chief of Police? Forensics experts? All have legit questions - there’s motive etc…

why is this a ‘tired’ old conspiracy?

Probably because there’s a ton of “inconsistencies” and “what if’s” but absolutely no concrete evidence that could be used to actually point a finger. Everything is speculation. Some of it’s well informed speculation, but that’s about as far as it goes.

I agree the whole thing has always looked suspicious, but after 20 years of Grant spinning his tires and not getting any traction it’s not hard to wonder if he’s forcing this thing just to keep his name in the spotlight.

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Oh conspiracies… such a great way to make money on lame films.

I believe there was a complete and thorough police investigation that came up with a conclusive, evidence based cause of death. All these ‘what-if’ and ‘unanswered’ questions were in fact answered by the complete lack of evidence.
No one can actually accomplish a real criminal conspiracy, people are basically incompetent with keeping secrets, and self preservation would shatter any conspiracy should the slightest piece of evidence implicate someone, they would turn in a millisecond.

Conspiracies make great books and films, just keep them in the fiction section and not in documentary.


“Kurt & Courtney” was infuriating because in between that pretentious twit piddling on about his conspiracy nonsense, there were some amazing interviews and history about Courtney Love.

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The funniest thing about the first documentary is that anyone would trust El Duce to pull off a hit. I wouldn’t have trusted the guy to return my movies to Redbox. He was a funny guy, but a huge alchoholic & junkie.

The conspiracy wasn’t a hit. His death was faked. He’s with Morrison now, in France. Wake up, sheeple!

conspiracies - an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.

This happens all the time… centuries of proof and evidence reveal countless conspiracies have been pulled off successfully, over and over again. People collude and get away with it.

The problem is that the word ‘conspiracy’ has been cleverly and completely associated with crackpot theories and tinfoil-mad-hatters… forever trashing a simple, accurate definition - to conspire against.

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and was later run over by a train… apparently.

If you ever met El Duce or saw The Mentors live, him going to the liquor store in the middle of the day and then getting hit by a train would not be a surprise.

El Duce’s bit was my favorite part in that movie!


Don’t forget his great talk show appearances!

I love a good conspiracy theory. But like most, they really are more complicated and hard to believe than the simple facts.

It really just isn’t that hard to believe that Cobain killed himself.

Let’s review:

  • He had a history of risky behavior, including drug overdoses
  • The week before his death, he locked himself in the bathroom with his guns, causing Courtney Love to call the Police.
  • For God’s sake, one of the last songs he released before his death was “I Hate Myself and Want to Die.”

I’m sure there are some anomalies, they always are. I could see, for instance, Cobain overdosing after partying with people, and the people then faking the suicide so they aren’t implicated. But, there just is no reason for the murder.

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The book “Love and Death” sure did a great job making me consider it a very valid possibility that it wasn’t suicide and that Courtney Love may have been involved.

He certainly seems to be clinging to a lost cause, but it seems just as plausible that he really believes it and is doggedly pursuing justice.

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[quote=“raw, post:8, topic:28003”]
The problem is that the word ‘conspiracy’ has been cleverly and completely associated with crackpot theories and tinfoil-mad-hatters… forever trashing a simple, accurate definition - to conspire against.
[/quote]uh… I think you’re conflating conspiracy with conspiracy theory.

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None of that changes that there are enough questions surrounding the circumstances of his death to justify closer inspection. Just because there’s a simple explanation doesn’t mean it’s automatically the truth.

The police did a pretty good job butchering the evidence to the point that a thorough investigation was not only impossible in 1994, but here in 2014. Not that I’m siding with Tom Grant either, he’s always had that air of “crackpot” around him. I’m just saying a closer look was justified.

I’ve never found anything particularly suspicious about a depressed man taking his own life. I’ve always suspected that people wanted there to be more to the story simply because Courtney Love is a rather, shall we say, unsympathetic character.


She was great in The People vs. Larry Flynt, though.

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