Documentary on 'The Mysterious Death of Eazy-E' in production

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how killing someone with a contaminated blood injection, “an Eazy-E thing”, was the new way to kill people rather than shooting them

I’ve long hated this conspiracy theory. It’s just so ludicrous that someone would resort to a KGB-style hit on Eazy-E to take him out.

Occam’s razor says that it was his well-known womanizing lifestyle (he had many children from many different women) that led to his eventual death from AIDS. He epitomized the “live fast and die young” lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the conspiracy theories range from “he didn’t die of AIDS, it was something else” to “he was injected with a super HIV which was how he died so quickly” and other such ridiculousness.


I grew up listening to NWA in Los Angeles, lived only a few miles away from Compton, and later where they sold their tapes at a swap meet. Later, one of my co-workers was his Auntie. She was close enough to him to end up raising some of his kids. He did not die as a result of an elaborate conspiracy. He died from catching HIV from unprotected sex during the 1980s. As we know today, absurd conspiracies are always more attractive to believe in than dying from a disease that was killing Black and Brown people and gay men.


There are conspiracy theories around the death of Kurt Cobain, too. It’s like the actual reasons for their deaths are just too prosaic for some people to believe. And of course, people who peddle these theories make money and get attention off the deaths of Eazy-E and Cobain.

They both died way too young, but their deaths were not some big mystery.


I’m glad the post included the vid for Str8 Outta Compton, b/c it always reminds me of this:

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And Tupac is alive and so is Biggie…

I grew up next to a housing development where the music labels put artists to keep them out of trouble. Easy E lived in a gated house in a gated community on top of a hill with Ice Cube, which was inside of another gated community where Ice T lived and could be seen waxing his Delorean most weekends.

I find it unlikely the FBI needed to keep tabs on any of these people, since private security forces were already doing that.

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