New film about Kurt Cobain death conspiracy

To be fair, playing a crazy drug addicted mess who’s attached to someone else’s fame and success probably doesn’t require a whole lot of effort on her part.

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You should see Broomfield’s movie; it’s very good, and though it doesn’t paint a very nice picture of Love, the director says in the film itself that he doesn’t think she murdered him at all – he completely agrees it was a suicide. It’s more a picture of the sad leeches that attached themselves to Cobain, like Love’s creepy dad who wrote a book about Courtney, saying she did it. Really, it’s quite well done, and very sypathetic to Cobain.

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Yes, it’s inconceivable that a man with chronic pain, a long history with heroin addiction, probable bipolar disorder and long term depression might take his own life.

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For God’s sake, one of the last songs he released before his death was “I Hate Myself and Want to Die.”[/quote]

As an aside, he gave that title to the song to take the piss out of the reputation for nihilism he and his contemporaries had. It was also one of his earlier choices for the title for In Utero.

People are horrible to that woman. I saw someone throw shotgun shells onstage at a Hole concert after Cobain’s death. Classy. The whole thing smacks of sexism. Is this hard? The guy had major depression and he killed himself. Happens every fucking day.

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Did they watch every breath he took? Perhaps tell him not to put on the red light?

I’ll be here all week.

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exactly what I thought!! why is BB calling this “tired”? if you comb through the previous doc and Tom Grant’s work, you’ll see that something fishy is going on. too many unexplained events that could easily be explained if the case were re-opened.

glad to see this new film getting a plug here, but come on guys! get on the winning team!

the implication that I got was that El Duce didn’t kill anyone. but he most likely played a part in connecting someone with a person that could be paid to kill someone else. El may have been killed for knowledge he had concerning this transaction.

To accept that Courtney Love was involved with his death means accepting that someone who was just as whacked out on heroin and multiple other drugs was some kind of criminal mastermind. Contrary to what people say, the Seattle police DID investigate this thing fully. There are boxes of evidence that they’ve released thus far, and all that evidence is simply ignored by the documentary makers.

Kurt bought the gun that he killed himself with. He’d had three suicide attempts in the year prior to this death. Nobody on the band was surprised. The supposed hitman (and it is claimed that El Duce did it, not that he connected someone) was whacked out on everything as well nearly full time.

A man who had, in his personal journal, written about suicide hundreds of times, who had tried it three times in the previous year, who had literally been SAVED by Courtney Love in Rome after he OD’d… finally got it done. Not really a surprise.

And way more believable than Courtney Love hired El Duce , then had him killed, and no evidence of this exists.


People don’t really get Courtney, or they don’t want to get her because it’s more fun that way. She’s a good person. I guess those who idolize Kurt are predisposed to demonize Courtney, just like with John and Yoko. This kind of speculation is puerile and childish.

Depression is a bitch to deal with, I can’t even fault her for not being able to help Kurt out with that.

have you read any of Tom Grant’s stuff? El Duce himself took a lie detector test (which he passed) for some network tv show. he also said at the time that he was out of town when Cobain died, but if he had been in town, he would have taken the job.

Cobain’s “suicide attempts” are also clearly debunked by not only Grant, but Cobain’s management company.

The police also labelled this a suicide, period. They did not investigate foul play despite the evidence that Grant easily found before and after Cobain’s death. (example: the gun wasn’t even tested for fingerprints until a month after the death!) Grant’s recordings of Love indicate some quick resolution by the police, including odd suggestions to her to destroy evidence (which she did!).

Read Grant’s report and do your own investigation before you shut it down so easily like that. I have no idea if Love was involved at all, but there surely is enough evidence to re-open the case and have another look. If anything to dispel Grant’s claims! But no one will… whycome?

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