Did Rihanna rip off this Latina artist to make the music video for her song 'American Oxygen'?


Did Rihanna rip off this Latina artist to make the music video for her song ‘American Oxygen’?

I’m going to invoke Betteridge’s law of headlines here.

The Rihanna video is mostly archive footage: the bits that aren’t are mostly her prancing around in front of a building draped with the American flag. And does the dancer own the concept of ‘woman struggling with a parachute as a metaphor for something or other’?


I work in music videos. The odds that Rihanna had anything at all to do with the theme of this video are extremely slim. If anything it was probably the production team who pitched the idea that ripped off the artist. That’s what these people do since they’re usually working on a tight timeframe while trying to bid an idea that will both impress the artist’s management and allow them to turn a smallish profit on the project (music videos don’t make much money compared to commercials).

If I had to guess I’d say only about 40% of the stuff I’ve worked on was original and not based on something preexisting, usually scraped out of foreign cinema or DeviantArt.com. They show you pictures of what they want you to make, usually with their own personal ‘spin’ on it, then they tell you how much money you have to work with, and you try to make it work by hook or by crook.

The entirety of Rihanna’s participation in the creative process probably came down to being shown some concept art and saying “cool” while barely looking up from her phone.


She ripped off “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” with her last single…


The GAP didn’t know children were making their clothing.

That’s so sad. The Rihanna® Musical Corporation is my favorite recording entity.


Can’t really say. I couldn’t see anything because her headlights were on high beam the whole video.
Also, how can you tell American oxygen from say Canadian oxygen?

Cool story bro. That comparison though, is really nonsensical.


The videos read of the song is pretty great, I think the tone of the recording is pretty sacastic to begin with. Next to the rest of the content the parachute piece is actually a pretty in-context homage.

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Yep. These two videos couldn’t be more irrelevant to each other if they tried. Your comment cost me a click, but it was worth it to find out that Betteridge’s Law is a thing and that savedyouaclick can refute it :wink:


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Pfft that’s easy: One smells faintly of gunpowder and the other is made of 50% maple syrup.


Everything is kinda like something.


Did Yara rip off this Russian paratrooper to make her “Heart and Belly Felt Hollow” piece?

I’m just askin’.

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no way, all pop music is genuinely original.

I came here for the comments. I was not disappointed.

Keep up the great work, everyone. And by work I mean slacking off.

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Ripped off in what way? Similarities aside, copyright probably wouldn’t apply here, and it doesn’t seem like patent or trademark law would come into play here either. Were you thinking of some other form of “ripped off” that I’m not aware of?

I think the alleged transgression is meant to be a moral rather than a legal one. (Personally, I think it’s neither.)

Ow, that’s going to chafe.

I went hunting on TV Tropes for something on the lines of ‘walking away purposefully from a deployed parachute while shucking its harness from one’s shoulders’, but turned up nothing. I was surprised.

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