Did you ever want to play questions?


Don’t I fucking wish?


Can I admit to loving flying into slc? That lake you got and those mountains, aren’t they gorgeous?


Want to miss your next flight? Maybe it’s not too late?


Anyone following the death of the Labour Party tonight?




You didn’t see this yet?


I’m coming out to SLC in mid-March, have you heard?!



And will this be another one of your 23-hour “mystery” visits where you claim you don’t have time for anything but work, lavish dinners, and pub crawls featuring exotic beers?


Boy, wouldn’t that be great? Theatre conference and hopefully some Arches by night.


If I told you that I commissioned a product review in the style of Michael Borys, would you believe me?


Can I get another unicorn chaser over here?




Well, ain’t that somethin’?


How about a video unicorn chaser?




Can I drunkenly, platonically, express my admiration for you?


Why not?


Will it be breathless in it’s amazement at the fact that this product even exists? Will passerby be amazed at the product’s usefulness and amazing abilities that will make their lives ceaselessly better?

Seriously, I cannot stand those “reviews,” I’ve started skipping anything with that little round circle logo as the author.


How can you NOT like them? Aren’t they the best writing on this blog? Isn’t all entertainment commerical – isn’t it selling the concept of entertainment? So how is this different?