Did you ever want to play questions?

Can I hit you with it?


can you strap it to an amp on your back?

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How much bad luck do you want?

I modified a sport-coat in HS to contain a walkman + speakers, so I don’t see why not?

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Shouldn’t I automatically get Canukistani citizenship for having grown up in Minnesota?

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Which state is HS?

Did you know I am now allowed to apply for US citizenship?

Should I?

Maybe, but Minnesota only gets you your pick of one Scandihoovian passport, IIRC?

What congressperson can we write to to block this?


Did you know that if I were in your shoes, I would be looking to get the frak outta here before the shit really hits the authoritarian fan and bloody revolution begins?


Surely it’s some old white guy?

Does not knowing who he is bar me immediately? Is that one of the questions?

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Don’t I wish that were the case, but the Danes are kinda picky about that even if half your gentics came from their country to start with?

Hysteria. It’s due east of MA.

Is my dislike of the US political situation offset by the similarly fucked state of UK politics, my American wife, the depressed part of the UK I’d have to move back to, and the fact that engineers (or at least me) get paid more than twice as much for the same job over here?


Can you maintain dual citizenship? Are the countries in question politically distinct enough for it to matter? Did you answer my question while I was typing?

Do you know that you can, because even if the US pledge demands that you renounce foreign allegiances, the UK doesn’t give a shit what you pledge to the US?

Doesn’t daneel Jr already have 2 passports?

If you’re noggin breaks it, doesn’t that mean YOU get the bad luck? Do you really wanna fight with a fat lady with bear paws?


Doesn’t membership has its privileges?

Representation to go with the taxation?

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Also, isn’t an American passport a powerful thing (or so one of my profs once said)?