Did you ever want to play questions?




Was I up because I’m insane? Or was I up because the kids woke me for no other reason than “we want you to sit in our room”?


Because I look forward to cheap, embarassing, flavorful relaxation? It’s amazing how less irritating and more humorous the kids whining becomes after one of those tiny little things, isn’t it? After all, what’s wrong with a margarita-flavored alcohol beverage with a twist of Bud Light Lime that is ready-to-drink with just one pour and best served over ice?

Can I even play @japhroaig and “make it fancy” ?!??!??



When are you going to let us into your club?


Did you mean to make that “club” joke?


OK, which one of you mutants created @null (as seen here)? Does that user profile mess up anyone else’s browser functions?


Don’t I call a spade a spade (or didn’t I, once I stopped calling them shovels and clovers?)?


Not mine; what does it do to yours?


Wouldn’t it be very confusing to call a spade a clover?


Not if you called the clovers shovels?

Shall we keep playing until the Ace of Nitwits appears?


Isn’t it odd that if I try to use the “back” button to go to the previous screen from that profile, it doesn’t work?


#We asked people to talk only in questions - and what do you think happened next?


Bad parenting?


What sort of bad parent would play the collected works of Jim Copp/Ed Brown for their wee ones?

(listen to the end)

Except for the below, which I had never heard before (given that it is a recreation of a bit of his 1940s nightclub act, and not the kid’s reccords. Wow! I had been wondering if any of this had been captured! Not from when first performed, but JC in his latter years doing it again. So cool! I think.


Cricket, cycling, tennis, or work?


Awwww, wasn’t that a fun dog song? Ain’t you an awesome daddy-o?


Some credit must go the grandparents, who gave us the 9CDs for xmas? (Junior & I would listen to 10-15 minutes each day on the way to school; I do miss that a bit this summer.)


I put on Charles Ives The Unanswered Question?


Geez, did you just inspire me? Holy mole, made of masa coulndt I even make my gluten free friends happy?


Ooh ooh, super thin masa but leavened with yeast and… Crap, what will give structure?


Ah shit, more proteins are out aren’t they?


Might tapioca flour be the answer? Sour dough masa and tapioca crust for thin pizzas?


Gyp the Blood or Hearst - Which is Worst?