Did you ever want to play questions?

L’Autre Michel, dans la Nouvelle Chair, non?

Are we all not birds of a feather?

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Peut-être certains d’entre nous sont “une marionnette de chaussettes”, pense que le système [1]?

And didn’t you lose 118000 pounds already?

Should I delete this? Is it insensitive?


Are his parents reading this thread?

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Nope? Did I mention the 2M I lost in deferred? (Unexercised options? Really?)

(Life isn’t about money, right? And didn’t I just schedule (45 min ago) four sessions with a therapist?)

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(I thought it was 18? Damn non metric system… ??)

Did he ever call you back?

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HAHAHA, did my new therapist actually just say I should key my old friends Ferrari?!

Oh god, am i compiling stories for a book?

Circle is over if you want it?

Is it a old Ferrari, or a Ferrari belonging to an old friend-who-never-calls-me-back-because-I-am-the-unresponsive-one?

If the former, DON’T DO IT; if the latter, HELLS YEAH?

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What about iOS? :crying_cat_face:

Surely anonymously slandering him on an internet forum filled with people you don’t know IRL is just as cathartic, and less problematic legal-wise?



Will your post be admissable in court?

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Just to be safe, shouldn’t he

#change his avatar


to sow maximum confusion?


Did you know that I use my iPad as my internet machine?
Will I have to resign myself to the annoying roundness of it all?

I asked (too briefly, perhaps?) what browser you use, not what kind of computer?

Did you know that they can take my pride, my money, my health, but not my integrity or sense of humor?

(And in the US facts aren’t slander, and won’t I tell this to his face as we drink beers?)

Whoops, where did I learn how to read?
You’re looking for “safari”, yes?