Did you ever want to play questions?


What about OtherMichel?

And why is @japhroaig’s avatar now listed on the frequent posters instead?

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Not “two of us”?

Isn’t that guy a jerk?

Wouldn’t he show up and just make statements in rude french?

(Is that a tautology?)

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Have you seen this?

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What the hey?

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Now why is that hidden?

Did the system flag it?

I guess so, although the system also tried to claim that “Multiple community members flagged this post before it was hidden” which sounds like merde de taureau, n’est-ce pas?


Does anybody need this?

Did someone take offence at the wrong-facing avatar?

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I thought we were all left-wingers?


Yes, the system thinks its a spammer.

What will happen when El Otro Miguel wakes up from his siesta?

(btw that is NOT a racial caricature of a Mexican because El Otro Miguel is from Andalusia, he was just up all night being disingenuous online, wasn’t he?)



Can you phrase that as a question?

I should have screen-capped it, shouldn’t I?

What was it?

(Did the doctor really just tell me I’ve lost 22 lbs?! (1.3 stone I think, for the Brits?))

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14 pounds in a stone, surely?

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