Did you ever want to play questions?

You don’t have one weird trick for making money by stealing IP?

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If I had tricks for making money (weird or otherwise) would I still have been working here last night at 1:00 AM? I guess I might have one: don’t let 'em find out how much time you spend on BBS?

Whoops, does this mean I owe the MST3K folks a little something for all my IP borrowing shenanigans?

Doesn’t somebody else owe Sherwood Schwartz?

Wait, do I owe someone something?

If I told you you had a steampunk banana would you owe it against me?


What is that I don’t even?

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Didn’t I tell you that I don’t hold anything against strangers on the internet?


Did I walk back in at an awkward moment?

Will you at least allow him to just look at it?



(Blinks, startled) Should I… uh… stop looking at it?

Isn’t that what you really wanted?

Did you make eye contact with it?

This isn’t going to help anyone to get out of here, is it?

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Don’t worry, I’ll peel off from this thread in a tad, right @doctorow, just like a banana?

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Don’t go plantain ideas in my head.


Did somebody make a boo-boo?

Is this a riddle we need to salve?

Any chance those ideas are half baked?