Did you ever want to play questions?

Would you believe I used a teeny tiny pipette to insert transgenes into them?


Did they consent?

Was that ethical?

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does the pipette make the puncture? (ignorant, only uses ldpe pipettes)

What if they were just hatched that way? :angel:

Would I do anything that wasn’t?

Have you seen the machine we used to pull and fire-polish them? Or a picture of how tiny they are?


is there anything one can’t learn? what was the outcome? (am i destressing since i just saw the global cache servers were updated?)

If I told you there’s a paper out there with my name (amongst many) on it, would you be disappointed if I wouldn’t point you at it?
Or would you accept my word that the sum total of knowledge was expanded and a small step was taken towards the greater good?

Have you started to breathe again yet?

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Did you have to push a fat man under a trolley to get there?


ha! if i said the same (about other subjects) you wouldn’t hold it against me, right?

(friendly, pseudo-anonymous groups are a good thing. especially when you have problems breathing. thank you. )

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Why would I do that when I could throw an ethicist standing around and asking daft questions rather than helping under it instead?


the greater good…?

(do i watch too much UK video?)


What are the interesting things in your storehouse of knowledge?

@penguinchris (or anyone else, but you’re Mr Kurosawa) - Ran or Hidden Fortress (got them both in at the library today)?

Binary executable file types cannot be evaluated, due to self expression, in any reasonable time frame.

I am slightly red/green color blind, but only slightly. It is very useful to discover this earlier rather than later.

Romantic love is the most important thing in the world.



Why don’t we have blueberry pie?


Really? Why? Is it greater than the love of a parent for a child? the love of a child for a parent? Or for random strangers far away from us?


never drive in phoenix when it is november.

always speak with your own accent.

a bottle of wine is always appreciated.


have i failed the standards and practices requirements for this thread yet?


Should I go to bed?

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can we not go down this maudlin route right now? don’t fathers want to belittle their sons? don’t mothers irritate them? isn’t romantic love a way of forming bonds that are free of preconceived relationships?

am i projecting :smiley:

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