Did you know there's a hotel in Belgium shaped like a giant anus?




The article said that it had a shower and a toilet. I really wanted to see where they put the toilet.


They said, “Your hotel looks like a giant anus!”

I said, “Maybe you feel that way because you’re just passing through.”


I think the shower is over in the separate bladder room…


It’s shaped like a rectum and an anus. Geez, BB, get your facts straight! :slight_smile:


Hotel my ass, that’s barely a mobile home.


How many of the online reviews say “this place STINKS!”?


But whenever you answer the door, you’re talking out your ass


Who came up with this idea? Christ, what an asshole!


I want Cory to show up in a banana costume!



I heard all of the staff are real shits


i stay there for all the complimentary corn.


the flora appears well irrigated


Agreed, I think that anus is just the back door.


i’m disapointed about the door, you know where to enter and leave that room.


Average length of stay, 24 hours.


The room itself wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but the furnishings were total shit.


Agreed - pretty small. Didn’t click on the source, is the inside furnished with just a bunch of little stools?


I believe I had actually heard about this once before, but had managed to forget that knowledge. Now I know it again. Curse you, Boing Boing!