Did you?



Did you make your voice heard?


Goddamn right.

And I harangued my friends and family to vote too. And they did.





Two days after my mail in ballot arrived. Now I just have angst over whether we as Americans want to continue on our current awful path or not.


I voted and yet my stomach is still tied in knots.

Or maybe it’s the left over Thai food for breakfast…


Not until tomorrow!


I did! Almost two weeks ago, in person…I showed my “I voted early” sticker over in another topic; this would have been the better place for it :slight_smile:

My friends who live across the river in St Paul got “I voted” BUTTONS—metal buttons, not stickers. At first I thought it kind of wasteful of resources, but after I removed my sticker from my jacket to wash the jacket, I started thinking the buttons are good because folks can keep on wearing them on whichever clothing they happen to wear, right up to the election; and even afterward, have them on jackets and backpacks, etc.


That’s a good point. We only get stickers here, and they don’t last. Mine go on my carry-everywhere water bottle and they rub off. I scanned one so I can reprint it as needed.


I will tomorrow, before work.


i voted on 10/22, the first day early voting was available.


Ya, fer sure. I’ll take a shorter queue over a longer one any day.


Yes, my partner and I like to mail ours in so we can look up everything at our leisure. Helps a lot with my nerves.

We just moved, from the Bay area to Seattle, so we had to rush a bit to get our new IDs and register. Which also means we voted in a different primary.


I haven’t yet decided if I’m voting before work or afterward tomorrow.


Only time I had much of a line before work was in 2000. Both for the primary, and for the main event. (Open primaries - I vote however the whim strikes me to vote.)


Regardless of the midterm results, the fight ain’t over.


Before work. You might be struck by lightning on the way home.


Yessireebob, last month. Took mom’s to her town’s clerk today.

Good job everyone!


Why during work of course! :wink:


No early voting in VA. Tomorrow, early. Harassed my daughter in NY to get her absentee ballot in, though. She says she is harassing her classmates to get out tomorrow.


I can’t until tomorrow. My phone keeps getting texts telling me to. I want to hang a clerks style sign up: