Dieter Rams's "10 Principles of Good Design"


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As a reaction to this Rams guy saying that only well built things can be beautiful…

Here’s another…


Thus proving Ram’s point? :rofl:


…heh, heh


I do not understand this conversation at all. But I liked the music, for a while.




i’m not understanding it either and i’m almost a participant in it.


That’s not what he said. Also, this artwork is not design. I think you may have significantly missed the point.

It’s quite amazing how well Rams’s design work stands up today, over 50 years later!


Well actually… that’s fair.


Interesting doc. Just bugs me that the left speaker of the stereo on his wall is misaligned with the rest. Get it together Dieter.


  1. good design is understandable …


Well, the design may be top-notch, but the presentation was awful.

Bad sound (annoying music that is too loud for the voiceover), bad editing (I honestly didn’t have the chance to admire much of the designs because the images kept flipping and scrolling and duplicating all over the screen). If good desing is unobtrusive (rule 5) and simple (rule 10), so is good presentation.

And it could just be because I’m not a fan of the dull, boring colors used (or rather, the lack of colors).


Where would Ive be today without Rams?


#11. Don’t limit yourself to 10 principles.


#12. Whether a design “succeeds” or “fails” at any moment is meaningless except to whoever is experiencing it at that moment, regardless of what the designer things is “aesthetic” or “useful” or “long lasting” or principles 1-10.

#13. Design is not art, it is service. If you want to express a particular aesthetic, and only that aesthetic, you are an artist, not a designer.


rome wasn’t built in a day
but that’s changed


That’s where I put those copper sheets! :wink:


That’s the artistic bit after the design is done.