Dig this Star Wars Disco from 1977, and May the Fourth be with you


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Am enjoying this…but now what I really want is a movie (modern budget and tech capability) based on the visual aesthetic of the album cover (and soundtrack…)


I had a copy of that as they were a give away at the time. And I was 10 so it wasn’t like I had taste in music yet.


Well, as long as we’re admitting to our little indiscretions…I actually bought a 45 of the cantina music when I was 13.


There’s a podcast called Rebel Force Radio that uses that as their closing music.

If you don’t dig listening to people talk about Star Wars, imho their Oxygen show about the Star Wars music of John Williams is worth a listen. It’s not 100% Star Wars and/or 100% John Williams, but I’d say it’s about 99%.


You couldn’t go anywhere in late '77 to 78 without hearing that song.


The term “Dig” applied to anything hip cool in the 60’s and 70’s with the most notable exception disco.


I’m too young to remember that. I’m the right age for 1990s English Happy Hardcore though.


I had that Meco album - and even as a 10 year old I was bothered by the disconnect between its ersatz Buck Rogers cheeseball cover and the gritty, stained reality that Star Wars presented. Basically, the cover art ruined it for me though I was okay with the disco pew-pew-pew effects.



Amen! I though the song was crap then as well, and I used to listen to the real soundtrack all the time at the public library.


Your personal indiscretions are nothing compared to the horror that was this, previously featured on BoingBoing.


Does anyone else remember this one?

I was 7 when the original film was released. We were out shopping one day and I saw this at (IIRC) a bargain price. I convinced my dad to buy it; he evidently missed the circled disclaimer in the upper left corner. I figured out what it meant after about 10 seconds into the record.

Here’s a sample:

When we moved to Texas a few years later, one of the TV stations was using this for its station ID.


This is really the best of the Star Wars bunch. From 1977 sans copyright.


They should have gotten Deodato instead. Five times the funk, none of the cheese.


You can always rock out to this:

(And you’re welcome - no “I’m Han Solo” posted!)


I would pay money for that. Although I do love this “8-bit” full album cover of Dark Side of the Moon so I can’t swear to the general appeal. :sweat:


I loved this song so, so much. My parents had bought the actual movie soundtrack on LP, and I was disappointed that this wasn’t on it, but a more ‘serious’ cantina track was. The whole summer of '77 shaped my 5-year-old mind for decades to come. I discovered comic books, MAD Magazine, and Star Wars changed things for good. :heart_eyes:


Pity the French. They had this thrust upon them:

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Guess not. Oh, well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnAvtozSnN8


Best drugs ever!
That was great (well for some definitions of great).