MECO's disco Star Wars


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This song always gives me the goosebumps. And not in the good way. As well as nausea.


this has been posted a few times already in the past but who cares… always good to revisit this bit of awesome disco cover cheesiness.


Had the 45 as a kid! I partly liked it just because it was a way to hear those cool pew-pew sounds outside of going to the movie.


My first 7" single, bought with my allowance in 1977. Still have it.




We actually had this on 8-track tape (my dad’s purchase, obviously). During the peak Star Wars frenzy, just about everybody had some Star Wars influenced stuff around. Our neighbors had the Cantina Song on 45, and our friends from church had the orchestral score on 78 LP.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 70s.

That’s actually a thorough and well-planned arrangement. It’s not as cheesey as… say… this:


Surely you mean “LP?”


Yeah, right. LP’s, 33 1/3.

Haven’t had my caffeine, and forgot that 78 designates the speed at which I enjoyed playing records when I was 10 years old.

Edit: Which was sooooo frustrating, because you can’t play 8-tracks at 78 rpm. Disco Star Wars would have been awesome.


Do you happen to have a pet tiger?

Just asking…


Honest to Dog, we did have a stuffed tiger plush when I was a kid. But no, despite the behavioral similarities, you’re thinking of somebody else.


I’ve had this on vinyl for a while,and I just got back from a record show and picked up the MECO Empire Strikes Back record.

It’s not as good, but makes for a nice matched set


I can say with absolute authority that the single greatest Star Wars audio product of all time was:

Life could be good in the pre-VHS days. I could play with Matchbox Cars and Legos while listening.


Wow, in my teen years we hated this and music like it with such a rage. Today I find myself wondering if there’s really any difference between funk and disco. Maybe the race of the performers?


Yes, for those too young to remember, disco-izing an established tune was a thing back then. So we ended up with things like this…

It actually hit #1 for a week.

BTW, there was no “Big Apple Band”. That was just made-up marketing crap, as Walter Murphy played all the instruments. That ended up backfiring on the label, when it turned out there really was a Big Apple Band.

Murphy is now one of the music composers for Family Guy.


It was all great for aerobics.


Christmas, 1981. Wore this album OUT. :slight_smile:


Awww, yeah, I used to play Holst’s Planet Suite at 78. It’s probably why I enjoyed Gabber in the 90s so much.


I am a vendor at most major comic con events in the western US. I have a pretty kickin’ sound system in my booth, and I feature an extensive playlist of con-appropriate music. The Meco medley is on the rotation, and I have to say that whenever it plays, the surrounding crowd suddenly kicks in to full disco mode and a lovely time is had by all.