MECO's disco Star Wars


Uh…what lyrics? I’ve listened to it a googolplex of times since I bought it - the single was #2 after “You Light Up My Life” on the CKLW-AM 800 Top Ten Chart for a while the year of its release, and being a tweenie, I immediately bought it at Musicland.

So, what are the lyrics?


OMG I had this too




Oh that, lol…I was out partying (like Andrew Dice Clay said he was in "Live From New York: An Oral History of ‘Saturday Night Live’ ", but in Detroit, not NYC) when SNL was on, so I only caught them in reruns. I mean, I hung out with a lot of creatively zany/zanily creative people back then; so much more fun to live it than to watch it

Did he ever sing the theme to “The Love Boat”? Because that would’ve been AWEsome.


I am pretty sure they followed this up with a non- (or less) disco version of the Ewok song in 1983.


We had this:

We didn’t pay close attention to the “not the original soundtrack” on the cover.

(pretty sure I posted this the last time that Meco came up here)


WOW. Had all 3 movies on cassette and quite literally listened to one per day for a stretch of a few months…so i ended up completely memorizing half of all 3 movies.



And lest we forget:

I mentioned my “Crypto Disco” compilation a post or two ago. So. Meco’s Star Wars and Star Trek medley’s were in my “Space Disco” compilation.

Did I mention I like disco?


The sonorous tones of Roscoe Lee Browne.


From K through maybe 3rd grade, the PE teacher played once or twice a year to do aerobics to. It was the best PE day ever.


It’s a time honored thing. I don’t know how many 45s I’ve done where the b side dub mix was “name & the name all stars”


Or, just not done by the stars on the label.

Great flick.


Seconded. I was amazed at how much they did.




Of course it’s available on iTunes.


It becomes unbearable around minute 13.


On Saturday Night Live there was a recurring bit where Bill Murray was a lounge singer in mediocre settings. On one of those skits as a lounge singer he sang lyrics to the theme from “Star Wars” something like “Star Wars, the theme from Star Wars” etc. Hey, I found it online from 1978 - the “Star Wars” bit starts about the 5:45 mark


A funny bit about that LP - notice that the album cover says “and other galactic funk” ? The long version of “Star Wars” takes up the entire A side of the LP. On the B side of the LP, the three instrumental tracks are titled “Other” and “Galactic” and “Funk”. Seriously!



Yeah, I knew about his “lounge lizard” character.


Your enthusiasm…where do you get it?

Seriously though, I’ve listened to both sides eleventy-billion times and I LOVE IT!

Did you know that John Bon Jovi’s uncle worked on it, Tony Bongiovi? (please pardon spelling).

Mike Brecker, of the Brecker Brothers is on it. And the lady who plays the synths, Cathy something or other, was a pioneer in synthesizers.

Yeah, I’m weird.