Meco's Star Wars disco on TV (1977)


All that fever dream is missing is an actual fever.

Cowboys, flappers, and bored biker observers. I…er…huh.

Because nothing says Star Wars like a cowboy swinging a lasso.


I wish I could un-see that. * shudder *

How else do you tame a bantha?

That all made perfect sense.


I could say shit about this video, but I gotta say that the flapper section in the middle makes perfect sense with that jazzy section of the music. Totally cute and mostly vintage charleston / jazz movement.

The bikers though…?

Aww…Star Wars, Nothing But Star Wars
Give Me those Star Wars
Don’t let them end

Oh Star Wars
If they should bar wars
Please let these Star wars stay

And hey!
How bout that nutty star wars bar
Can you forget all the creatures in there


OMG! olde tyme pistols!!!


Can I have some crackers to go with this Dutch cheese?
(At some point, jump to the 2:00. Pure disco gold!)

If this was really May 11, 1977 (according to the description) then almost nobody knew what Star Wars looked like until two weeks later! But Meco’s Star Wars disco wasn’t even released until mid-June. I figure it’s more likely that this was actually November 5th, 1977.

Of course, Star Wars wasn’t released in the Netherlands until December 15th, 1977. So, other than news coverage, or foreign travels, viewers of this program still would not have known what Star Wars looked like.

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also, this little star wars disco gem.


Now I understand the hatred for disco. I think I have a migraine.

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I think you are right that November 5, 1977 is more likely.

Yeah my day is now mind warped enough before noon. Now to go find the brain bleach.

I wonder if those scenes in Lego Star Wars games are references to this video:

as an original-generation star wars fan, this version of the cantina theme has been embedded in my genetic material. i can’t remove it, and i don’t think i want to. it’s glorious.

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Cowboys are American (well, ignoring the vaqueros). Star Wars is American (ignoring Cushing, Daniels and Guinness). So it makes perfect sense.

Man that brings back memories. We used to dance to that occasionally in gym class. I seem to remember another record she had that had C3PO and R2 calling out exercises to do. But I can’t find that anywhere online so maybe I imagined it. Or maybe it was this record with the gym teachers instruction that I am remembering. It was a long time ago, in a… er… never mind.