Digital Dancer (1982) was a trippy computer-animated blot of pixels

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Duuuuude! That’s exactly what the fourth dimension is like!

Here is a version with less bass and no static/noise:
I think this was a different performance to the one posted.

And copyright info on the recording:
Mighty Dog meets Jah Flea

Type of Work:Musical work
Registration Number / Date: PAu000492021 / 1983-02-14
Title: Mighty Dog meets Jah Flea.
Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence.
Description: 1 sound cassette.
Copyright Claimant: Ahmed Sibdial-Sau, Stephen V. Mason, Tim Ennis & Gary Miles
Authorship on Application:
music: Ahmed Sibdial Sau, Stephen Von Mason, Gary Miles & Tim Ennis.

Ahmed Sibdial Sau 1955-
Stephen Von Mason 1954-
Gary Miles 1953-
Tim Ennis 1956-

Tim Ennis was active in the SF art music scene at that time:

Which leads to this:

Quote" I had a recording project called Mitey Dog Meets Jah Flea with Gary Miles
of Dub Oven, along with Ahmed Sibdial-Sau and Stefen Vaughn Mason. I really
loved that project. Punk meets dub with some uniquely creative results.
Ahmed, if you read this, send me an e-mail! "

Isn’t the internet a fucking amazing resource!


I was almost not going to listen as it was described as “post-disco.” This track is more what I was thinking of as “no wave dance” like “Cavern” by Liquid Liquid or something by ESG. But synthpunk and punk-meets-dub works better, I’ll aver.

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I know Pons! Worked along with him on Dinosaurs. This is cool.

If you want to play in the latest version of this, you can, at the Exploratorium in San Francisco! The exhibit is called “Recollections” and can be found in the West Gallery.

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