Digital Underground co-founder Shock G has died

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Damn, that’s sad news. Sex Packets is an amazing album. Here’s one of my favorite tracks from it, which includes Shock G rapping in character as a blowfish.


To coin a phrase, ugh is right.

Sex Packets has long been a favorite of mine and I’d made efforts to get into their followup album, Sons of the P in recent years. But I just a couple of months back I finally listened to Shock’s 2004 solo album, Fear of a Mixed Planet, and it’s truly been one of the highlights of this year for me. It really made me hope we’d hear more from him again.

One standout solo track that showcases some of what he did best:


What a loss! For me, Digital Underground will always be a part of the short list of artists that never get old and that I dig as much now as when they were fresh. Random lines from Shock G and others pop up automatically like Seinfeld references from day to day.
Ridiculous, but so much fun!

“Even if you don’t think it’s right, I like to bite”
“If you worked in a kitchen, it’d be sweeter. From the rappin that I hear, you’d make a better egg beater”
“Hypothetical, political, lyrical, miracle whip. Just like butter, my ryhmes are legit.”

I always dug the jazzy remix (with Mr. Fred Wesley) of “Packet Man.” Here’s a clip-best one I could find on short notice. Ernie’s standing in for Humpty.


Yes and yes, but it has been awhile since I have gotten to listen to it.

The Humpty Dance is one of the best 80s songs made, though.


Oh no, that’s terrible. A real treasure he was.

ETA: Anybody that can come up with lyrics like this is a winner in my book:

Now if you wear corrective shoes and you got big bunions / Toenails smell and look like onions
Don’t doowutchyalike / Go see a foot doctor tonight!


Digital Underground’s performance on the wonderful movie “Nothing But Trouble” was one for the ages:


Damn… I actually met the guy in person, more than once.

He seemed nice enough for a celeb.



So sad! That distinctive sound…

Just by coincidence I just played this yesterday:


Same story here, but for me it was:

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You ain’t never heard nuthin this funky ever, it’s too clever
Rhyme goes through your mind like a guillotine severs
The head, my friend
And you will never hear nobody rap like this again

RIP Shock G

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Gee for some reason I seem to have totally forgotten this movie. I have seen it, I know somehow, because I only remember how weird it is. Dan Ackroyd in that prosthetics get-up? Unforgettable, unfortunately…

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