Dinosaur toy, made in space




Suggested rewording:

“This may be the first toy made in space by humans.”


Dinosaur on a spaceship!


It must be seriously annoying to have long hair in space.


I will concede that Karen Nyberg’s dino is the cutest space toy so far, I would submit that Chris Hadfield’s space dart is a prior toy: http://youtu.be/cobJzLQqUmo?t=1m46s


That’s no toy. It’s a space station.


One thing is certain: The kid is going to have the only actual SPACE dinosaur ever. That’s some serious cred.


Curse its sudden but inevitable betrayal.


She had barely finished the toy when she was interrupted by the unscheduled arrival of a Chinese astronaut who made made 517 more toys during a continuous 35 hour shift.


Maybe that is what it’s stuffed with?


The first dinosaur born in space! I’m tearing up


Sorry, I have to be that person – it’s Pinterest, with an e before the r. (Despite all the people who pronounce interesting as int’resting)

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