Plus-Plus, new building bricks from Denmark




It doesn’t seem like there would really be a market for building brick toys from Denmark.


Did you forget your sarcasm tag?


If you want to try the demo mode, you have to pull the sarcasm tag out completely (they’re left in place to keep the batteries from draining in the store).


Bonus: you get to make your own kid-sized anti-fatique work mat! Yay!


I’m sure these are fun, until the Van der Wals force fails. Then they all fall apart in a heap and the kids just cry and cry.


Yeah, they’re sort of cool but SPACESHIP!


I also question how well they’d hold up to proton decay.


“New” - certainly if you compare them to dinosaurs. I live in Denmark, and my kids have been playing with these things for the past seven-eight years.


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