Dirt Devil carpet cleaner for pets


I can never get my pets to vacuum - I’ll have to try this!


Wait, you steam clean your rugs every 4 to 6 weeks? Wow. I don’t even vacuum that often.


I don’t even vacuum my cat that often.


Yes. 2 dogs, one cat, one kid and few paved roads. I vacuum 1x a day too or the nemo bunnies get immense.

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I’m pretty sure our dogs do it on purpose.


I use a Spotbot, minus their cleaning solution. Cats like to puke. Babies like to drop things. Squirt of Folex, one cycle on the Spotbot, and it’s all clean again.

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I use a Bissell Little Green, but I’m not an enormous fan of it. The brush and the hose aren’t holding up very well. The brush is starting to leak, and the sprayer on it clogs frequently.

It’s also hard to clean all of the convolutions on the air/water separator tower and it smells awful when you don’t keep up on top of it. 5-10 minutes of runtime frequently means 15 plus minutes of dismantling it and cleaning it.

If the Dirt Devil version keeps from filthing up and breaking, I think I’ll be replacing the Bissell with one. The black light might be enough on its own to make the switch, though. That is a cool freaking feature.

Very elegant solution that black light. Me like the ghetto way.

We’ve got rabbits, any idea how it handles hay?

Throw them out of the airlock. If needed, with the help of a powered-exoskeleton loader.

Did you consider redesigning the house in some self-cleaning way? (I think there could be some possibilities, headache inhibits my tendency to come up with some Just Now.) The turbine noise itself would drive me crazy. I hate vacuum cleaners.

(Are there some ultra-quiet vacuum cleaners? Something designed from the core not for power efficiency but for lack of objectionable noise?)

The vacuum unit can be installed in the basement, fed by in-wall tubes.

The possibly apocryphal prevailing wisdom has it that quiet vacuum cleaners are perceived to be weaker than loud ones, even when they’re objectively demonstrated to have the same power. Thus manufacturers abandoned the pursuit of silence many decades ago.

What I did was put a vacuum cleaner on each floor of the house, so I don’t have to drag them up and down the stairs. The steam cleaners, however, I drag around. I tend to keep it simple. I have tried Roombas and they are pretty good and can allow me to cut back on using the uprights – but its really fast and I do not mind.

House is mostly hardwood floors and I tend to have windows and doors open, a lot. Airflow moves loose dog and cat hair to steady locations and I can cover the areas I need in 3-5 minutes.

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“Currently unavailable”

Don’t tease us like this. :frowning: We have precious little carpet in our house, but I’ve been seriously considering getting a tiny steamer to deal with the spring/fall hairball cycle.

…if you brake hard, and your dog goes through the windshield, is it a flying car pet?

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