Hoover SteamVac Pet Complete


I picked one of these up just a few months ago; I’ve got a shed-happy corgi and two cats. I didn’t realize just how much grime had worked its way into the rugs. It is definitely easy to use and it “makes sense” to put together.

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After a few years of dog ownership I purchased a Neptune steam cleaner. Not as portable as your model (wouldn’t work on stairs), and it doesn’t work as well as a rented cleaner. But it is always available, and gets out the mess. (In my dog’s case, vomit is the excretion of choice.)

I generally do a pass with the soap on, then again with just water. That gets any residual soap out.

Pre-treating stained areas with “Nature’s Miracle” or other enzyme cleaner seems to help a lot.

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Lloyds Bank may be in the market for one of these.

Sorry for the moron question, I looked into getting one of these but After reading about it online nowhere did it say that it uses steam, I was worried that it only used hot water. Can you verify for me weather or not the thing really makes steam or not. I would really like it to be a bacterial VMD as well.

Easy to assemble and simple to use, I was up and cleaning within 15 minutes.

I’m pretty sure Jason meant to say “it was up and cleaning within 15 minutes”. I doubt that Jason is easy to assemble (and he probably isn’t easy to use, either).

Ha! Thank you. Yes.

Does it really steam?

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