This smart vacuum cleans while you're away

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Is this actually a vacuum cleaner? Or a brushing machine like most of them?

wait, who’s making messes in your house while you’re away?


Oh good, a phone app so that people can check to see if you’re away.

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It’s the cats! I take care of my friends’ three cats whenever they leave town, and it’s astounding how much mess they make when no one’s around—cat fur everywhere, and litter tracked out of the boxes. I almost always vacuum the entire place on the morning of the day my friends will be coming home—just because it seems like it would be so much nicer to come home to a clean house.


How well do these things work? Any idea if they can make it over a threshold from one room to another? (approx 1" height difference)

If it were so smart, it would play videogames and watch porn while I was away. Stupid robotic work ethic.


I was dumb enough to purchase one and then got caught in a maelstrom of double talk when I tried (unsuccessfully) to return it. Unless you’ve got zero carpets / thresholds (which the machine gets hung up on) and unless your plan is to come home every 10 minutes to clean out the receptacle, don’t bother.

You didn’t see that previous post “This smart partybot trashes your house while you’re away”?


Internet of Thug Life?

I have a vacuum that cleans while I’m away, the carpet cleaners. I’ve been using them long enough that I trust them to come and go while I’m away. That way I get to come home to a clean house and support a local business. I’d rather pay a human than a robot.

that’s evolution for you, the ones that survive to the next generation are the ones that come out when you’re away and clean up the place. they come out at night and clean everything up, like rats.

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