Disabled patients in Iowa state-run home used as “guinea pigs” in sexual arousal experiments, lawsuit charges

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I don’t understand. Could they not find willing volunteers for a sexual arousal experiment?


a portable GPS device for measuring sexual arousal

Man, my GPS is clearly lacking in functionality.


“used taxpayer money to purchase … pornographic images”.

Wait, they paid for porn?

In all seriousness. That’s all very gross. I’m very surprised they couldn’t find some willing “freaks”.

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That there’s the real Iowa Cock-us.



The plans for Rea’s research allegedly included the use of a portable GPS device for measuring sexual arousal

This raised several questions for me. In looking at the patent, it appears this device is meant to be worn by sex offenders to ensure they aren’t getting into trouble. From the patent (emphasis mine):

The position signals are used to track the activities of the individual or to locate the individual whenever the transmitted control signals indicate that the individual has become sexually aroused.

The position detector [GPS] also permits the therapist or correctional professional to enter into the apparatus certain areas that the patient is prohibited from entering into. Then, if the individual enters these prohibited areas, the position detector and the audio feed-back described below cooperate to warn the individual that they are entering a prohibited area. The position detector may also be coupled with a clock so that the signal generated by the position detector can also be sent to a remote monitoring station if the individual does not leave the prohibited area within a specified amount of time.

So the authorities get a signal that the individual is getting aroused, then they can check the GPS to make sure they’re not at an elementary school or something.


One hopes that this person had their license to practice revoked, lost their academic position and was reported by mandated reporters as he had a care responsibility for disabled people.

And had to wear his own plethysmograph wired to a taser that would randomly fire when a button is pushed by the disabled persons guardians. For science.


Unfortunately, given what’s out there on this case, I’d bet dollars to donuts that this project was not about scientific research at all and the trappings thereof were just the pretext for an extremely fucked up power fantasy.


Holy Guacamole, that’s really f’d up.


It’s unbelievably fucked up - the research included included dosing patients with dopamine inhibitors, which not only had no medical benefit but also possibly caused serious harm:

The scheme in Iowa also included medication adjustments—like the addition of dopamine inhibitors—“without regard” for the effect on patients, which in some residents caused seizures, according to the lawsuit.

That’s nearly dr. Mengele shit right there.


This is horrible.

I think we all need an antidote to remind us that there is also some very good research into human sexual function being done by researchers who understand ethics. This, ahem, popped up in my news feed the other day:

Luijten, S.P.R., Groenendijk, I.M., Holstege, J.C. et al. Single subject and group whole-brain fMRI mapping of male genital sensation at 7 Tesla. Sci Rep 10, 2487 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-020-58966-9

My favourite line:

“Tactile stimulation was delivered using a commercially available toothbrush attached to a stick.”

For science.


Beat me to it. Mengele was the first person that came to mind.


That’s because your GPS does not stand for Growing Penis Signaller!


It’s funny (not really) how sexual moral crusaders tend to be creeps trying to cover up for their own failings.

o_0 It seems to me you could pay college students next to nothing for something like this…

Or maybe they would pay you, even.

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Oh, I’m sure you could find willing volunteers for a study even if you specified “fucked up power fantasy”, you might not even have to offer monetary compensation.

(I get your point though.)

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