Sarah Petkus' She Bon project: tech augmentation for sensing and expressing female arousal


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Took me a second to get the Pop Girl arm interface thingee is a play on Pip Boy (Fallout PDAs)


That was fun.
I had popcorn.


(That song is about ‘bating)


Petkus: I’m working on an experimental art project that sends visual and auditory signals when I’m turned on.

Petkus’ Date: Sounds sexy. Can I get a demonstration sometime?

Petkus: I’m wearing it now.

Petkus’ Date: But I haven’t seen or heard anything.


[Awkward silence]


tech augmentation for sensing and expressing female arousal

Female what now?

I’m sorry, is this English? I don’t understand.


This is more like the future I always imagined.


Some sirens and a strobe would be super helpful.


These devices raise some privacy concerns.


Pasties for alerting us when the nipples are erect seems. . . counterproductive.


They only measured forces and displacements on one cheek. That seems rather half-assed.


We have a winner!



Shared some of these with my wife last night. Can confirm: videos are fun.

The butt lifter without context is beautiful Dadaism.


Soooo, everybody seems to be celebrating the expression of female sensual arousal here…BUT, I think most can agree that there is nothing more embarrassing/horrifying than obvious male sexual arousal being overtly expressed…especially in eighth grade.


So that’s what “Pip-Pop-Bim-Bam” in Demolished Man was all about!


Pfft, you don’t need this when you have persistent genital arousal.


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