Dismaland: Banksy's (?) swipe at Disneyland


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Well I hope the rumors are true, this sounds spectacular.


That tall thing with the truck wheels is instantly recognizable as a 2007 Burning Man art piece called Big Rig Jig. They must have driven it across the pond.


Absolutely – By LA artist Mike Ross.

Mike Ross’ Big Rig Jig


that’s what i thought, too: oh, hello, Big Rig Jig! nice to see you!


The other rumour is that Banksy is now dead to Cory.


Ever line up for an hour for a Disney ride, and as they lock you into some contraption realised that you could be rolling into a meat mincing machine, and there was now nothing you could do about it?

I felt this while lining up for the Disney Tokyo Peter Pan ride. That we were cattle being coralled into the abattoir.


The HAPPIEST abattoir on Earth!




I’m immensely pleased to say I haven’t.



my roommate banksy wrote "ground" over the "coke" on all our cans of coke zero. now he's stomping on them and yelling "i'm the government"


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