Dismaland will be dismantled, used for refugee shelters in Calais

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hmmmm…is taking art installations meant to be dismal and depressing, and shipping them for refugee shelters really a good idea?

Couldn’t they be sold and the proceeds be used to buy many more practical GOOD shelters?

Seems like some very flawed logic went into this decision.


But think of the cachet the lucky refus housed in a genuine Bansky will have. They’ll be the toast of the camp!

The actual, depressing installations will not be used en toto to house people. From the linked article:

Banksy has said that all the fixtures and timber from his theme park Dismaland will be sent to Calais to build shelters for people in the camps there.


oh, that makes more sense, but still doesn’t make a lot of sense. shipping that material is likely a heck of a lot more then sourcing it near the site…selling it as art would result in far more structures being able to be built.

are refuge camps really still that hodge-podge as to be built out of random timber and fixtures? maybe it was wistful thinking on my part to assume that they’d have some sort of ridged easy to assemble standardized structure from the UN.

to me this seems like a stunt, but hopefully it at the very least draws some attention to the needs of the refugees.


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