Disney and Marvel threaten boycott over discriminatory Georgia law

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One of us should run over to Red State and point out that under the TPP, these companies would be allowed to sue Georgia and nullify their discriminatory freedom-loving law, and all the god-fearing Republicans could do nothing to stop them.


How long until Georgia’s legislators claim Disney and Marvel are discriminating against them?


Hmmmm…sounds like an invitation for Sharia law. This will never turn out badly.


It’s nice when transhuman corporations recognize that their gut flora should flourish.


You mean serial divorcées like Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump?


That’s different cause JAYSUS!!

It will be interesting to see the Georgia film industry collapse thanks to hatred. Maybe the film companies will move up to Tennessee instead (not that’s much of an improvement in the hate department).

It will be interesting to see if the ‘Christian’ based film companies can pull in the same money that Disney and Marvel bring in. Won’t happen, but it will be interesting to watch


Giving mega-corporations freedom from taxation (and in many cases, liberal handouts of taxpayer dollars) in order to “create jobs” <snort><giggle> should be the subject of a constitutional amendment, in any sane world.

The US states are all in a race to the bottom, competing to see who can damage their citizenry the most by handing over local taxes to global billionaires.


I once debated the issue of these “religious freedom” laws with a guy who insisted that divorce was a sin on par with homosexuality. He claimed he would refuse to print wedding invitations for a heterosexual couple if he knew one or both had divorced a previous spouse because that would be taking part in sin. The catch was that as long as he didn’t know about it his church didn’t consider it a sin. He then, with a “gotcha!” tone, added that therefore he treated all couples equally.

I replied that since he couldn’t tell by sight or, as he never actually met most of his customers, simply by the names whether they had previous divorces he was still treating all heterosexual couples one way and all same-sex couples another way.

At that point he stammered that he wasn’t even in that business anymore so it didn’t matter.


being religious, they’ll reject reason, but perhaps they’ll listen to money. an imperfect solution, but about the best we can hope for.


Just require that all customers of all their product (and licensed goods) for sale in Georgia agree with their sincerly held belief that you shouldn’t be a discriminating homophobic douche.


As interpreted by courts, “sincerely held beliefs” means whatever some Christian nutball wants it to be. Meanwhile for any other religions it means “go piss up a rope, I am not going to take it seriously”. So these “religious freedom” laws generally amount to Jim Crow 2.0, SegreGaytion


All things considered, these mega-corporations save themselves here by pointing out something far worse than their own excess. Constitution shredding idiots pretending “religious freedom” entails systematic discrimination.


Just how precisely have they defined “sincerely held religious beliefs”?

If a bunch of sincere Pastafarians refused to serve patrons that don’t acknowledge the infallible authority of The Great Sky Noodle, what would Georgia do?


It’s very odd to feel something positive toward Disney.

(no credit for Pixar, which was awesome before Disney got to them)


But Disney was also one of the more famous companies to offer benefits to gay partners of employees long before it was fashionable for media companies to do so.

Big companies have generally opposed discrimination because it affects their image and ability to recruit talent. Bottom line intersecting with public good.


Seriously, these laws could wreak havoc on anthropomorphized mice.


It seems like Deal has been doing this, some hot button piece of legislation gets to his desk, it proves to be in contradiction to the dictates of capitalism, and he finds a reason to sit on it, until it expires. He’s trying to have his cake (having the economy expand by inviting in more corporations) and eat it too (pander to the religious right).

This unholy alliance between neo-liberals and the religious right is coming unglued, I think.


We can only hope it is dissolved before it dissolves America.


Questions that run through my head as I read this post:

  1. When these companies “take their business elsewhere”, will that mean Disney and Marvel no longer permit their products to be sold or made available in Georgia? Will Disney close its store locations?

  2. If Georgia needs a bill to allow "faith-based businesses, and religion practitioners, to
    reject customers who violate their “sincerely held religious beliefs.”, would Disney or Marvel legally be allowed to reject Georgia business, as they are not faith-based businesses, and therefore would not be exempt from the law currently preventing discrimination by businesses.

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