Disney animals reimagined as humans

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This is brilliant stuff, all of it!

Aww, can’t King Louie get the makeover? It’s all he’s ever wanted.


I have to disagree. They’re not “instantly recognizable”. Without the corresponding character pictures, I couldn’t figure out most of them. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still beautiful.

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Balto is not a Disney film.

While these are nice they didn’t capture the character and were hard to recognize.

I like that it goes in reverse too- they made Mowgli into a wolf cub!


It never occurred to me that the “rich girl/street boy” disney stories could just as easily be about bi-racial couples, I dig it.

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Brilliant. All it’s missing is Pongo and Perdita. And family.

How about Disney animals with their real life counterparts:

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