An early peek at 'The Jungle Book,' new Disney live-action remake of Kipling classic


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“The Jungle Book” is an all-new live-action epic adventure…

I do not think “live-action” means what you think it means.


Few movies are 100% “live action” these days. When your previous version of the story was classic cell animation, the term “live action” works to differentiate it.


If it ever shows up in a big screen near you, go see the old hand-drawn and -inked Disney version instead. It’s gorgeous.


King Louie’s voice took me by surprise. I hope he still sings the song. “I wanna Walken like you, talkin’ like you…”


I have heard that the original version is relatively much more popular in Europe. Perhaps that’s why this seems so sacrilegious.


What’s a bear doing in the jungle?



No love for the 90s version?


They shit in the woods - would you wanna live there?


Yeah, they’ll eat toothpaste too. I don’t think they’re all that damn picky.


You mean, an animated version of this Jungle book?



I’ll stick with my VHS* copy of the original.

* Yes, I still have a vcr, and YES, it still works, dammit!


Child actor in a dark, gritty re-imagining of a cherished cartoon classic. What´s not to love?


can you program it?


Probably, but I never had any reason to; although the thing is like 20 years old.

Meanwhile, I’ve had half a dozen different DVD players in half that amount of time; yay for “intended obsolescence.”



I still think they should have genderswitched more of the main characters - Baloo, Bagheera or Shere Khan all seem like pretty good candidates.


I am still waiting for a version of the Jungle Book where Kaa becomes Mowgli’s mentor, and with his troublesome reunion with his parents. Also the slaughter of the monkeys by Kaa. That would be a cool miniseries.


I would assume looking for his pic-a-nic basket.


They briefly interview the little dude in the trailer. He basically claims to be awesome, just like Mowgli. He kind of lost me right there.