Disney characters as zombie hunters




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And they made her skinny.

Edit: just wanted to add that it is a cool idea and the art is attractive. Good work on that end.


Well executed, but why do all the women have bare midriffs now? I get Ariel since she spent half her screen time in a bikini top, but I don't imagine that the sisters from Frozen would suddenly don skimpy sports bras and low-cut jeans when the zombies came a shamblin'.


Keep that hair short, Merida


Rather than big hair and MAC-10's?

Though UZI's would have been, like, totally better...


Well it's hard to get fat in a post-apocalyptic hellscape.


Still sick of zombies; will pretend that this is just Disney Characters As Badasses, and go with that.


And, does Elsa really need a pistol? You'd think at will freezing, giant ice spikes, live/animate horror show snow enforcers etc... would be much more effective than having to aim specifically for the head with a pistol.


At least get the title right. "Former News of the World Editor Rebecca Brooks as Zombie Hunter."


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