Disney docuseries offers "backstage pass" to the world of Imagineering

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I’m fascinated by Imagineers, so getting the streaming channel is now very tempting. Disney doesn’t miss a trick, even when it’s selling its new service by using a documentary about Disney not missing a trick.

It looks like the filmmaker is the granddaughter of legendary Disney animator Ub Iwerks, which is exactly the kind of “plussing” grace note that Imagineers would add into one of their projects.


So does this.

I hate to be a downer, but this article by Matthew Zoller Seitz makes we want to break Disney up:


It’s going to be a total bummer if they try to take down Defunctland. Would they dare? These are strange times.


Nickelodeon’s latest attempt at brand extension is likely to meet a similar fate (along with the rest of this long-delayed shopping mall).

I’ll wait until it shows up on /r/opendirectories.

Everything Defunctland does is unambiguously within the realm of fair use. They could harass him with lawyers to an extent, but if he’s willing to put up a fight (and he has enough Patreon backers to afford it) they couldn’t do anything.

On seeing the name “Leslie Iwerks” my first question was “any relation to Ub?” and looking it up, yep, she’s his granddaughter. Cool!

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