Walt Disney Imagineering celebrates 70 years

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I think they may have also been aiming to reproduce the success of Walt Disney’s Disneyland, the TV series that ran from 1954–1958 and served as both a financing mechanism and advertising for the then-in-development theme park.

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Showing the creation of Disneyland was vastly different than interviewing Imagineers as they viewed their completed project and marveled. Rather than Walt’s calm, wise, and “We’re making fantasy come alive” shtick, these were “oooooooh we did a great job, people will love this” as they looked at things no one cares about still.

The experience actually being tremendous and the vloggers knowing how to show it may have saved them after the fact.

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But seriously, regarding “Galactic Starcruiser”, meh, ya win some, ya lose some (and you flush millions of dollars down the toilet).

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