Disney vloggers having fun on the Galactic Starcruiser

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I’m glad to hear that the Imagineers have delivered on the immersive experience despite the clumsy marketing and dubious ret-conned lore. Still, $6000 for two nights? I like Star Wars and really enjoyed that area of Disneyland, but not that much.


Disney has a second mortgage service standing by to help you plan your trip.


This hotel only has 100 rooms (as opposed to 1,250 on their largest cruise ships or over 800 in their luxury hotel, the Grand Floridian) so only a small fraction of their regular customer base would need to pony up that cash for it to be successful.

Club 33 costs something like $33k to join plus $15k a year plus the actual cost of meals, and they’ve got a waiting list years long to get in.

One weakness may be repeat customers though. From what I’ve seen once you stay there once there’s probably little reason to return if the show and story don’t get updated periodically.


While still over-priced, you’re getting a lot more on-going year-round benefits from the Club 33 membership: annual passes, admission tickets for friends and family, free FastPasses, VIP tours, other nifty perks. It would make sense for a corporate executive to buy it (and expense it) and I’m sure some multi-millionaire fans would buy it and both kinds of customers could rationalise the purchase.

Unless I’m missing something, though, what you get for $6k here is only the two-night hotel stay/immersive experience (I assume the food is included as well). That isn’t nothing and I’m sure it’s wonderful but it doesn’t pencil out in terms of true value per dollar like Club 33 does.


You probably get a t-shirt or fridge magnet.


I believe it includes parking and park admissions for everyone in your party as well, plus you get to wait in a shorter line at the attractions.

Is it a bargain? Probably not. But there are a lot of rich folks out there who might not blink at dropping that kind of money.

Ever seen a family being escorted around Disneyland with one of those plaid-dressed tour guides? Those VIP tours start at $3k for 7 hours and go up from there.


Looking up the Club 33 Perks, you get five of those per year with membership. That wipes out the annual club dues and (ammortised one-time initiation fee aside) you’re still ahead of the game.

Judging by the escalating moves to make the parks less affordable to anyone outside the wealthiest 10%, I think that’s now the official motto of that division’s executives.


My daughter and I don’t get a ton of time together now that she’s busy with HS and her dedication to her organized sport plus her own actual teenage friend things going on – so this is a possibility for a shared thing to do that we’d both really enjoy and I’d be willing to blow the cash on in conjunction with a larger “One and Only Time Jason goes to DisneyWorld” type thing. Also, it’d likely be my last trip to Florida forever and ever, thank god.

However, until I see reports that actual paying customers are happy with it and having fun – and determine that I want to deal with 2 days of Kylo/Rey bullshit vs ‘Star Wars’ as I enjoy it, we have moved this from “When are we going?” to “Maybe we will.”

Its a lot of money but if it was a ‘remember it forever with the kid’ thing, I’d spend it.


Guess those vloggers are a double-edged sword?


“Not all Disney vloggers…”


“Perhaps Disney marketing needs to try something other than having Imagineers talk to mediocre actors about how proud of their work they are, it really was not a good look.”

It started with Tom Holland (err… sorry… my bad… Sean Giambrone) and went downhill from there.

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The vloggers that I have watched , particularly Kitra and Peter of Ordinary Adventures, are clear that they paid out of pocket to go on the Galactic Starcruiser, and that their views are as honest and unbiased as possible.

CORRECTION: Kitra and Peter paid for the “inaugural cruise” happening later. This was a press preview that was sponsored by Disney.

As I recall from the beginning of their video the footage was all from an unpaid vloggers preview and they will be returning on their own dime in a week or two?

“The Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser will open for guests on March 1, 2022 , located just behind Disney’s Hollywood Studios.” would be Disney’s word on the matter. Today is the 28th of February, 2022.


Oh apologies if I heard that wrong. Mea culpa.


I dunno about you, but when I see a video whose title card starts with “The TRUTH about” I will refuse to watch it.


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