Man sues Disneyland for ending membership to exclusive Club 33


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Goodness! An unutterable breach of the etiquette, decorum, and refinement of breeding for which Disneyland is world renowned!

Servant, my fainting couch!


Wow, if I was a muckety-muck, and I assure you I am, I can think of a good many exclusive clubs that would attract me more than a Disneyland club. Why does this institution exen exist? $10,000 to party with Mickey?


The mirror of Groucho Marx? He wants to belong to a club that won’t accept him as a member


Access to Club 33, free entrance to the park and tours are the perks.


Unfortunately, we were left with no other choice in order to preserve the integrity of membership

I was going to snark about this, but then I realized, probably no other club on earth cares so very deeply about the integrity of its membership than one whose members pay $11,000 to have lunch at a theme park.


Because you could get a freaking drink in Club 33 as opposed to the dry wasteland that is Disneyland. At least California Adventure serves alcohol these days.


Having been to Club 33 (as a guest, not a member), I gotta say that it’s a bit of a thrill to go there (Drink in the park without having to smuggle it in! General public not allowed!), but I can’t imagine paying that kind of yearly membership fee for the privilege.


The waiting list for membership is years long. Club 33 is a really fantastic restaurant with tons of Disney history behind it (designed by Walt to entertain heads of state!), and you get access to the park thru a private entrance. Many members are companies who use their membership as a perk for top employees. I got in once when a local company auctioned off one day of use of their membership for charity. Experience of a lifetime.


As a person who would have to fly to any Disney place this just seems absurd, but I suppose there must be regulars for whom this is like a country club or pool membership. I’m just having a hard time squaring the yearly cost with those perks.


One less person on the waiting list !


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IIRC Disney World has something similar. You forget there are people just obsessed with those places and go several times a year.


No, they don’t, sadly. They have lots of corporate VIP lounges in all the pavilions and attractions sponsored by various companies, but there’s nothing remotely like Club 33 at WDW.


…that we know of.


Sounds like he’s not the only one who transfers privileges.


Two very different things: it’s OK to let others use your membership with authorized permission (companies do it every day) and Disney gave special permission for a charity auction for one day of use in my case. This fellow was selling off use of his membership without permission.


Or Minnie… depends on your preferences. Extra for both of them.


Ears Wide Shut


Asshole pulls one last asshole move after asshole club says he’s too much of an asshole even for assholes.