Disney movies head exclusively to Netflix starting in September

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This Friday, you’ll be able to enjoy Adam Sandler’s new movie, The Do Over

I doubt that.


Maybe I’ll finally get to see some of those superhero movies everyone’s talking about.


“I’ve been with Netflix, like, forever…”

I don’t know, it’s possible I could have an auto accident before Friday and suffer traumatic brain injury. Not only would it be the only way I could see myself enjoying an Adam Sandler movie, but it would be actively preferable to watching one.


Even Anger Management and Happy Gilmore?

Is there any real technological reason to purge movies from the Netflix database (beyond simply reaching the end of a licensing agreement)?

And, although I’ve only seen it once, I don’t remember The Wedding Singer being that bad.


Star Wars on Netflix, hm? Anyone want to come over for Netflix and Whills?

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Not for me, thanks. The first sounds like it would annoy me, the second would annoy me and features golf, which also annoys me. You go right ahead, though, I don’t assume my tastes are universal!

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Admittedly, I could take or leave Happy Gilmore. The only Sandler movie I can unequivocally say I liked was Anger Management, and that was mainly because Jack Nicholson steals ever scene he’s in, which is most of them. Like you said though, to each their own :slight_smile:


Hercules is pretty good.

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Not this year. Thanks to how the regional licencing deals work out, Netflix has confirmed that Canada is its only market with streaming rights for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2016. In the US, premium cable channel Starz has the exclusive rights.

It looks like Americans will be using VPN tunnels to access Canadian Netflix for once.

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Y’know how studios can use CGI to edit characters into old movies or actors from old movies into new movies?

You could edit Adam Sandler into every scene of Disney’s The Black Hole, and it would probably improve the movie. He could be a sidekick of either the heroes or the villain, making lame wisecracks at each turn of events, doing dumb things in the background, and he wouldn’t seem at all out of place.


Does that mean online pay TV, or does it cover HBO, Showtime, etc.? Cable and satellite TV providers wouldn’t be too happy about that either.

Or Adam could! (crosses fingers) Universe, is there any way we can get Prince back and give up Adam instead?


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Perhaps I missed something, but not differentiating between whether these additions will be to Netflix Streaming or to its other subscriptions renders this article kind of… inconclusive?

No. The only issue is that Netflix has a certain amount of money to pay to the movie studios and so has to distribute it as best they can to make subscribers happy while making a profit. Apparently the spreadsheets say that the time has come to ditch Mulan and Hercules and spend that money on something else.