Someone watched all 500+ Netflix original movie, and tried to rank them all

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I need a horror fan to do this for just the horror movies. But like a real horror fan, not this guy. He doesn’t get horror movies.


Another demonstration of Sturgeon’s Law, I expect.


Unless the ranker used some kind of rubric so I can see what they based the ranking on, I always end up feeling like…


I’ll wager that this person needs a big hug after that experience.


Right, how can you rank 500 things w/o a spreadsheet?

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Vampires vs the Bronx and El Camino definitely earn their spots though.

Wasn’t El Camino that obnoxious, ironically racist Clint Eastwood “white savoir” flick?

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The same. I have a film buff friend who got teary eyed at the “Jesus Pose” death scene. All I could think is “Really??”.

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The phrase “Netflix Original” does a lot of heavy lifting.

“News of The World” is a Netflix Original in the UK.

“Mindhorn” is listed as one here -

You’re thinking of Gran Torino. If you think that all Latin-language-named automobiles look the same then maybe you’re the racist. :wink:


I didn’t realise Netflix had a public-service broadcasting obligation.


The thing I remember about that film is that a bunch of Native American actors and actresses walked off the set after it became apparent that, despite previous assurances to the contrary, the movie was going all in playing up offensive stereotypes of Apache culture for laughs.


Ha, thanks! Good to know. :grimacing: :sweat:


You should see the Wirecutter comparison spreadsheets! It’s serious business!

If you’re not familiar with the Shadowrun game universe, I can see how Bright might be confusing I guess.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite its being objectively a mediocre movie - mostly because of how much I like Shadowrun…

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Now THAT is what I call a life well-lived! Bravo!

And no, I’m not being sarcastic. I wish I had the time to do that…

That list needs an index or something. It’s way too long to scroll on a phone screen.

No it’s the Breaking Bad movie.


Thanks. I’ve never seen any of the Breaking Bad stuff. :woman_shrugging:

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